grant Consulting Services

reaching your goal  of  award winning  Grants.

Grant Consulting Services – Denali FSP Grant Consultants establishes, coordinates, and implements organizations’ grant activities related to analysis of needs, identification of grant opportunities, determination of eligibility criteria, and drafting and submission of proposals to apply for financial grants from federal and state departments, foundations, and other agencies. Our grant consulting services lead to successful grant applications and award winning grants.

• Research and prepare proposals for funding of projects.

• Identify funding sources by analyzing the needs, benefits, eligibility requirements, feasibility, and research studies.

• Submission of Letters of Intent (LOI).

• Establish the design and description of a project or program’s purpose, activities, costs, and preparation.

• Ascertain the feasibility and/or desirability of specific Requests for Proposals (RFP’s).

• Prepare & submit grant applications for federal funding: HHS, SAMSHA, DOJ, NTIA, BIA, IHS, IMLS, NEH, HUD, NSF, CDC, NEA etc.

• Provide technical assistance in the development of grants.

• Assist local municipalities and non-profit organizations with grant application.

• Assess funding priorities and recommend appropriate follow-up in accordance with guidelines, regulations, and criteria for selection.

• Establish potential proposal’s scope, purpose, activities, timetables, cost information and evaluation mechanism.

• Act as a liaison between county/city and state/federal officials for grant approval and application.

Management, Evaluation and Reporting Services for Grants:

 Oversees the grant life cycles in accordance with federal and state government regulations, from pre-award to post-award administration.

• Monitors recipients.

• Prepares progress reports and financial status reports.

• Cost allocation plans.

• Prepares no-cost extensions.

• Point-of-contact with external agencies.

• Prepare yearly strategic plans and budgets.

• Strategic planning with department directors.

• Maintain grants management database.

• Grant application scoring.