You have questions. wE have answers.
1. What grant writing services does Denali FSP Grant Consultants provide?
Denali Grant Consultants provides grant preparation, research and writing services for non-profits, tribal entities, and municipalities.
2. What sectors does Denali FSP do grant writing, reporting, and management consulting for?
Denali FSP works with all sectors of the philanthropic community including social services, environmental, arts and culture and educational
3. How can Denali FSP help clients access and retain government management funds?
Denali FSP helps clients access and retain government grants by finding, writing managing, evaluating and timely reporting on any type of municipal, state and federal government grants.
4. In what ways are meetings and collaboration set up with the Denali FSP team?
The Denali FSP team meets with most clients by Zoom, Microsoft Teams or by the client’s choice of communication and collaboration platform. In person meetings are available if needed by the client in particular for site visits and meetings of key personnel.
5. How can I best contact Denali FSP?
To contact Denali FSP please call us at 907 250-8488 or email us at info@denalifsp.com with a request for a no cost initial meeting and screening. You can also  fill out our form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
6. Who have been some of the clients Denali FSP has done grant consulting for?
Denali FSP has worked with over 130 clients since 2014. Select client list available upon request.
7. Can you help us obtain grant funding?
Denali FSP is a comprehensive grant writing and management firm that can assist select clients in obtaining large foundation and government grants including local, state and Federal grants.
8. Do you award grants?
Denali FSP does not award grants but works with select funders to administer grants to recipients.
9. How quickly can you write a proposal?
Denali FSP understands each grant proposal timeline depends on the complexity of the grant, required date of submission and the information provided to us by the client. Rush grant proposals can be done but only with prior permission for select clients.
10. Do you work for new nonprofit organizations?
Denali FSP has worked with many new and emerging nonprofits.
11. Do you work for organizations outside of Alaska?
Denali FSP has worked with and presently has clients in numerous states throughout the United States. We are headquartered in Alaska but have staff in four states. We presently do not engage overseas clients.
12. Can individuals or for-profit businesses apply for grants?
Denali FSP does not do grant work for individuals or for-profit businesses.
13. Can you do work for religious organizations?
Denali FSP has engaged with numerous religious non-profits and organizations.
14. Do you work for organizations based in other countries?
Denali FSP does not engage any clients from organizations headquartered outside of the United States.
15. Do you work for international organizations based in the United States?
Denali FSP works with all organizations that are based in the United States.
16. Do you develop scientific grant proposals?
Denali FSP will write and submit scientific research grant proposals for select schools and organizations.
17. Can I apply for a grant to buy a new building or purchase land?
Denali FSP can write grants for capital projects including buildings, renovations, additions and also Federal land grants.
18. How do clients pay fees to Denali FSP?
Denali FSP will provide fees and costs. Denali FSP contracts are predominately retainer, list of services contract or hourly.
19. What do you charge to write a proposal?
Denali FSP can provide a proposal with 48 hrs. after free consultation with a staff member.
20. Do you work on commission?
Denali FSP does not ever work on commission or percentage of money raised or granted.